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Youngsville, LA


D5W.  Our story: The healthcare industry is a physically, mentally and emotionally challenging career. Long hours, shift work, and limited control, place healthcare professionals at increased risk for distress. My wife Dawn and I are active registered nurses, working to decrease stressors by encouraging a healthy lifestyle  balance.  Our mission is to "Take care of people who take care of people”. D5W aims to "Rehydrate your Spirit" and "expand one's possibilities" with products specifically formulated for health care professionals.  We offer products, stories, guest blogs, humor and words of encouragement to help you take care of yourself, so that you can continue to care for others.



Bolus your Wellness!

"Our Quality products help you get through your day as well as relax at the end of one !"



Premium Products... for Premium People ...that Taste Amazingly Great!


You’re in the Right Place at the Right Time!

We've chosen high grade teas, herbs, spices and combined them with our Louisiana flair to yield an intensifying and vitalizing effect to ones palate!

An "Emergency Dose of Self-Care"

D5W's mission is to decrease caregiver stress. 

Whether you are a healthcare worker, civil service agent, stay at home mom etc... etc., we all endure stress.   Not allowing time out for self-care will lead to distress and its resulting physical and emotional effects to the body. 

We aim to "Rehydrate the Spirit" and "Expands one's possibilities" through:  Education / Blogs / Humor and Products 

Our First Dose of Self-Care:  In Case of Emergency Tea Variety Pack

Click on Picture below for pricing and product details  

In Case Of Emergency Tea Pack

In Case Of Emergency Tea Pack

Join us in empowering ourselves against the precursors of stress. 

We've developed products that taste amazingly great! 

Our "Premium Teas are designed for Premium People".  Our commitment to choosing the highest grade teas, herbs and spices, combined with quality, functionality and a little Louisiana flair yield an intensifying and vitalizing effect to one's palate!

We hope to enlighten you with our knowledge, impress you with our experiences and tickle you with our humor. 

Note: Increasing workloads and limited control in life are not going to fade away. 

  • Make the decision now to take better care of yourself and this "self-care" will ultimately result in better care for others.

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